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Intervention Notifications in Student Success

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You will be notified of intervention activity for the students you work with in two ways: 

  1. The in-platform notification center lets you know when your interventions require updating.
  2. Email notifications that prompt you to log into the platform when you are added to a student's intervention plan and when plan are overdue for progress and completion. 

Your Notification Center

The notification center is located on the top navigation bar. Clicking on the bell icon will open all of your notifications.

You'll see a purple dot when you have notifications available, and you can click on the bell to learn more about which interventions need to be updated. You will only receive a notification for interventions where you are the Champion, and progress updates or completion are past due. 

Notifications will be cleared once you complete the required action for your intervention.

Email Notifications

You will receive an email notification each time one of your colleagues lists you as a champion for an intervention plan, you are added to an intervention team, or when your intervention plans are overdue for an update on progress or completion. The email notifications will include a link to learn more information within Student Success, so you can see the exact intervention you were added to. From there you'll be able to add notes, edit the intervention, and update progress.

If intervention plans are overdue for a progress update, you will receive an email that specifies how many plans are overdue for a progress update per each school site you have intervention plans for. 

If you have any plans that are overdue for completion, you will receive an email that specifies how many plans are overdue for completion at each school you have access to. Reminder emails will continue until your intervention plans are updated or completed.

If you add team members to the intervention team at different times, only the newly-added team members will receive an email. You can update your email notifications in Panorama  when intervention plans are overdue for progress updates or completion.

Account Settings and Notification Preferences

You can change email notifications preferences in Panorama by going to Account Settings, which can be found on any Student Success page. By clicking on the circular icon at the top right of your navigation bar you will find Account Settings listed in the dropdown.

After clicking on Account Settings, you will be directed to the “Personal Details” page. This page will show you your name and the email address that all notifications will be sent to. 

In the left navigation bar, you can click on Notifications. This will bring you to the Notifications page where you can update your email preferences. Here you can decide which notification emails you would like to receive. 

You can choose to o pt out of intervention notification emails and only receive notifications from the existing in-platform notifications or receive both intervention and in-platform notification emails. Additionally, you will be able to change whether you receive emails about plans that you are on the team for, or only plans that you are the champion for

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