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Creating Custom Reports in Student Success

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Custom Reports allow you to answer questions that are specific to your school or district using the data that is available to you in Student Success. You can access Custom Reports that you have created by clicking the "Custom Reports" button in the left sidebar of your District or School Dashboard.

On the Custom Reports page, you will see a list of reports you have created, and you will also be able to create new reports.

Create a New Custom Report

  1. Click "Create New Report" to select the metrics, or data points, for your custom report.
  2. Select "Add Metric" to add up to three more data points, which will each be expressed in your report as "% of students who fit the metric." The metrics you select will show up side-by-side in your report, allowing you to view different aspects of students' progress and performance at one time. You can always edit the report to add or change metrics later.
  3. Name your report something easily identifiable so you can return to it later to see how the data has changed.
  4. Click Create to save your report.

What metrics are available?

See the expandable list below for an overview of the metrics you will be able to choose from in your Custom Reports.

Note: You will only be able to select metrics based on the data that is available to you. For example, you would not be able to select Behavior metrics if you do not have behavior data available in Student Success

Click here to view a list of the metrics you will be able to use in your reports.


  • On-track in Academics/Coursework
  • Failing Academics/Coursework
  • On-track in [subject area]
  • Failing [subject area]


  • Attended 95% or more of school days
  • Attended 90% or more of school days
  • Chronically Absent (missed 10% or more of school days)


  • On-track in Behavior (% of students with behavior incidents in less than 2% of school days
  • Have behavior incident
  • Have suspension(s)


  • At/above benchmark in {Assessment]
  • Below benchmark in [Assessment]


  • Receiving an intervention
  • Receiving a [Tier] Intervention
  • Receiving a [Type] Intervention
  • Have a support note


  • Strength in [SEL Topic]
  • Opportunity for Growth in [SEL Topic]

View, Edit, or Delete Reports

Once your report is created, you can view it using the same View By and Filter options that are available to you on your District and School Dashboards. This allows you to narrow down your report to the groups of students you're most interested in supporting.

If you'd like to update the metrics that you are using in your report, you can edit them using the "Edit Metrics" button in the top of your report.

You will also see an option to delete a report if you no longer wish to be able to view it.

Export Reports

When you see an Export button, you will be able to export your custom reports data. 

When you click Export, you will receive a .csv file, which you can open and edit in Excel, Google Sheets, or import into another program. This file will contain the data that you are currently viewing in Student Success, including any timeframes and filters you have selected. You'll see a pop-up that shows exactly what data will be included in your export. Learn more about exporting reports on this page.

The print functionality for custom reports is not yet available. You will see this feature become available in the coming months.

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