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Using Student Success as an Early Warning Indicator

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What is an Early Warning Indicator?

 Early Warning Indicators are tools that help educators identify at-risk students and provide necessary supports. Early warning systems were originally developed using the “ABCs” of student data: attendance, behavior, and coursework. Research shows that these data points can accurately predict which students are at-risk of dropping out, and can help reduce chronic absenteeism and course failures. 


Introducing Student Success

Building on existing research, Panorama Education has introduced an easy-to-use early warning system that expands on the "ABCs" of student data to include assessments, social-emotional learning (SEL), and intervention data.  Panorama Student Success features actionable  early warning indicators that help educators proactively identify at-risk students and plan interventions to get them back on track. By integrating data from multiple sources on a daily basis, Panorama Student Success provides educators with real-time trends so that they can intervene at the first sign that a student is struggling. The platform not only flags at-risk students, but also offers clear “on track” indicators to highlight students’ progress toward graduation and college/career readiness. With Panorama, schools and districts can support every student's growth across multiple dimensions of success. 
In  this guide, learn how Panorama Student Success uses the latest in early warning research to provide clear indicators for students’ progress in academics, attendance, behavior, and social-emotional learning.

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Student Success

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