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Understanding Engagement in Student Success

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To understand how educators at your school or district are using Student Success, your team at Panorama may provide you with various types of engagement data. Understanding this data can help you make sure you are adequately supporting your administrators, counselors, teachers, and other educators in using Student Success.

Monthly Active Users (MAU) is the percent of educators who have logged into Panorama within the past month from your school or district. For example, if there were 400 educators in my district with accounts, and 100 of them logged in at least once in the past month, my MAU would be 25%.

This indicates that most of my team does not regularly log in to Student Success.

Weekly Active Users (WAU) is the percent of your monthly active users who have logged in at least once in the past week. Continuing with the example above, if, of my 100 educators, 80 of them logged in within the past week, my WAU is 80%. 

This means that, of the educators who regularly log into Student Success, many of them are very regular users of the platform, and rely on it for their work.

This data can help you understand how educators are using the platform, and to start thinking about how you might engage others. Maybe you want to explore a training or PD for your team to share how Student Success can support their work, share videos about how to use the platform, or set goals for the number of interventions created by your team.  

In addition to WAU/MAU, you may be interested in finding other data, such as the efficacy of your interventions, and the schools that are using interventions most regularly within the platform. Browse the articles linked below to learn more about the type of data you can see in Student Success.

Student Success

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