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Navigating SEL Progress Monitoring

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SEL Progress Monitoring is an enhancement to Panorama's Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) intervention tool. If enabled, any user with access to individual Student Reporting can build short progress monitoring surveys from Panorama's library of questions based on the SEL focus areas chosen for the intervention. Student responses to Progress Monitoring questions are recorded over time and graphed on the student profile. If you don't have access to this but would like to, please reach out to your Panorama project team.

SEL Progress Monitoring serves as a bridge between administering Check-ins and Social-emotional Learning Surveys (Tier 1 supports) and SEL interventions (Tier 2 and Tier 3 supports). Educators are able to select an intervention focus area aligned to SEL topics based on student needs.

To understand how to best implement this new tool, read SEL Progress Monitoring Best Practices.

The video below and the written instructions that follow detail the steps to Create an Intervention Plan:

Create an Intervention Plan

1. From the Student Overview page, select multiple students who you'd like to have answer the monitoring questions. Click the "Create group intervention plan" button at the top of the page. (Figure 1.).

(Figure 1.)

2. In the "Create group intervention plan" window, type in a group name. Use the dropdown to select “🖤 SEL” as the Intervention type. Click the button to indicate whether this is a Tier 2 or Tier 3 intervention. (Figure 2.).

(Figure 2.)

3. Select up to three SEL focus areas based on the results of an SEL survey  (Figure 3.). 

Few examples of what you might select as a focus area includes:

  • Challenging Feelings                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Engagement                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Learning Strategies

(Figure 3.)

Choosing up to three focus areas decreases teacher administration time, makes survey length manageable for students, and ensures that interventions are targeted.

4. In the Intervention goal textbox, briefly explain the types of skills you are aiming to improve. (Figure 4.).

(Figure 4.)

5. Select an intervention strategy from the dropdown menu. (Figure 5.). The available strategies come from Panorama's library of research-based SEL intervention strategies. Intervention Administrators have access to the intervention library page and can configure district-wide intervention settings. 

(Figure 5.) 

6. Modify the intervention start date and duration of the intervention based on knowledge of the students' needs. If desired, select “+ Add Schedule” to specify the desired Session frequency and Session duration. Select "continue" to move to the next page of the intervention set-up. (Figure 6.).

(Figure 6.)

Set Up Progress Monitoring

7. Select a Champion who will monitor this intervention. After the plan is created, you can add any additional staff team members you wish to also be notified of this intervention and be able to manage the students' plan. These are typically other educators working with these specific students on SEL intervention. (Figure 7.).

(Figure 7.)

8. From the "Monitoring method" drop-down menu, choose "Monitoring questions." Determine the frequency that the Champion will monitor student progress. The frequency indicated will determine when the Champion will be notified within the Panorama platform to distribute the students' progress monitoring questions. (Figure 8.).

(Figure 8.)

Manage Monitoring Questions Students Receive

9. Educators can manage the monitoring questions students will receive.

  • Two SEL monitoring questions from Panorama's question library will be recommended to users based on each SEL focus area identified for this SEL Progress Monitoring intervention. To choose a different monitoring question, use the dropdown menu to select an available question for each desired focus area. (Figure 9.A.).                                                                                                                                                                  
  • To add an optional free response question for a focus area, click “+ Add a free response question (optional)” and follow the prompts. (Figure 9.B.).

10. When finished customizing the monitoring questions, click the “Create intervention” button (Figure 9.C.).

(Figure 9.)

11. Within approximately 30 seconds, a pop-up will let users know the monitoring questions have been successfully created. (Figure 10.). Feel free to close this box; the link will still be generated in the background.

(Figure 10.)

Distribute Progress Monitoring Surveys to Students

12. Champions of the Intervention Plan will receive notifications in the platform (at the frequency established during set-up of the intervention) to remind them to send the Progress Monitoring Survey link to the students in the intervention group. (Figure 11.). Copy the link directly from the notification to send to students.

(Figure 11.)

13. Access the monitoring questions link in the intervention details on the student profile’s page or on the “My Group Plans” page. (Figure 12.). All students in the same intervention group should receive the same link. Champions will email the monitoring questions URL to the students in the intervention group.

(Figure 12.)

14. Students access their individual survey through their Access Code. (Figure 13.). Each survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

(Figure 13.)

 Question language is accessible to students in grades 3-12, and can be automatically translated into English, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Simplified Chinese and Arabic. 

Update Student’s Progress

15. Champions can update the perception of a student’s progress during the intervention:

  • View your student progress on a graph on their student profile. Use this information to inform conversations with the student and/or to adjust the intervention strategy.                                                                                                                
  • The champion can update student progress during the intervention. Select “Update Progress” and mark whether or not the intervention has been performed as well as the dropdown indicator of “On track,” “Progressing,” or “Behind”. (Figure 14.).

(Figure 14.)

Complete an Intervention

16.  At the end of the 4 week intervention, after students have completed the final survey, complete the intervention by clicking the “More actions” drop down and selecting “Complete plan.” (Figure 15.).

(Figure 15.)

17. Enter the additional information and any notes you have on the intervention and select save. (Figure 16.).

 (Figure 16.)

Student Success

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