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How can I share a copy of the survey with my school or district team?

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You may want to share a copy of your school or district's survey with your team so that they know what is being asked on the survey, and so they can support students in responding to survey questions.

You can easily share a link or PDF of your finalized survey by following the instructions below.

  • Navigate to the Content tool and select the survey you want to share.
    • You can also navigate here by going to your survey page and selecting "View Content," as demonstrated below.
  • Use one or both of the following options to get a copy of your survey to share. Please note that most student surveys have two versions, one for grades 3-5 and one for grades 6-12, and you will want to make sure to share both, so that educators can select the version that is accurate for the students they are supporting.
    • Option 1: Select "View Sample Survey" and share this link with your team. Make sure to let them know which version of the survey it is.
    • Option 2: Select "Save as PDF" and share this downloaded file with your team. Make sure to let them know which version of the survey it is.

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