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How do I know Panorama Surveys are appropriate for my child?

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Panorama's mission is to support educators in improving student outcomes using data, and our surveys are one of the main ways we help schools and districts gather that data. Watch the video above to learn more about Panorama's surveys, and then review the information below about Panorama's survey development process, as well as answers to frequently asked questions from families. 

If you have any concerns about the content of the survey, please reach out to support@panoramaed.com and they will be able to connect you with your school's survey coordinator. Student safety and wellbeing is our ultimate goal, and we appreciate hearing any feedback about the survey.

How Were Panorama Surveys Developed?

Education researchers and practitioners at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education developed Panorama’s student surveys using a rigorous process that minimizes survey error, adheres to survey design best practices, and contains six key steps: literature review, interviews and focus groups, synthesis of indicators, question creation, expert review, and cognitive pre-testing and interviewing. After these six steps and a round of revisions, the topics were piloted. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the survey development process. 

Learn more about the survey design process (including citations) by reading Panorama's Validity Report. This report also includes validity findings from our most recent 2020 analysis of over 3 million student surveys, and builds upon the initial validity and reliability findings from the survey development process. (Or check out this blog post that covers the findings in brief!) 

If you are interested in supporting your child in taking a survey, please review our Survey-Taking Help for Students resource, which walks through how to take surveys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are surveys appropriate for all students in grades?

Most student surveys have two versions, one for grades 3-5 and another for grades 6-12. These surveys vary in vocabulary and reading level to ensure that all students (in grades 3-12) can respond to questions and have their voices heard. Additionally, Panorama provides resources for educators to support them in offering any accommodations for students that my be helpful or required to complete the survey. 

Panorama does not recommend that students in grades K-2 respond to surveys.

What if my child feels uncomfortable answering a question?

Panorama strongly encourages students not to answer questions to which they do not feel comfortable responding. The survey can still be submitted if questions are left unanswered.

Who will be able to view my child's survey results?

For school feedback surveys, educators designated by the district will be able to see response data in aggregate, at the school or district level. For Panorama's Social-Emotional Learning survey, students' self-reported SEL competencies are compiled into student-level reports so that educators who work with them can celebrate areas of strength and support them in growing specific skills. Responses to specific questions are not shared in reports. Contact your school or district to learn more about who will be able to view the survey results, or to have your child opted out of the survey if you would prefer they are not asked to take it.

How will my child's survey results be used?

Your child's school or district should be able to offer more detailed information about how surveys will be used. Generally, schools use aggregate feedback responses to ensure all students are having equitable education experiences and to create school improvement plans. SEL data may be used to support student growth at the individual, classroom, school, or district level.

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