What are national benchmarks?

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National Benchmarks allow you to better understand specific data points in your school or district's survey results, in the context of others who have answered these same survey questions. Our benchmarks include survey results from more than 430 districts, 5900 schools and 3.5 million students, family members, teachers and staff members across diverse geographic areas, school types, and achievement levels.

You'll see benchmarks on district and school-level report pages, as well as individual topic pages, if they are available. Tooltips will provide you with additional information about how to read the data.

On the topic page, you'll be able to select specific criteria about your school or district to help you narrow the context, to see a more accurate view of where your surveys results fit within the context of school's across the country. You'll notice that the graphic may change based on the criteria you select.

Benchmarks are not available for all surveys. You can use the chart below to learn which surveys have benchmarks available. For Panorama Surveys where benchmarks are available, please note that you will only see benchmarks in your reports if you use Panorama topic in full, unedited.

Also note that if you edit any Panorama survey content through the "Convert to Custom Instrument" feature within Panorama Content Tool (available to Panorama partners with access to Panorama Survey Creation Tools), you may lose national benchmarks. You will be notified with a pop-up if any of your actions will result in the loss of benchmarks. Learn more about this process here.

Survey Name Benchmarks Available?
Student Feedback about School or Classroom ✔️
(with the exception of a few topics*)
Student Social Emotional Learning Competencies ✔️
Student SEL Supports & Environment ✔️
(with the exception of a few topics*)
Student Equity & Inclusion Survey ✔️ 
Student Well-Being Measures ✔️
Student Back-to-School Survey ❌ 
Family-School Relationships Survey ✔️
(with the exception of a few topics*)
Family Back-to-School Survey ❌ 
Teacher/Staff Feedback Survey ✔️
(with the exception of a few topics*)
Teacher Perception of Students' SEL ❌  
Teacher Skills and Perceptions of SEL ✔️ 
(with the exception of a few topics**)
Staff Back-to-School Survey ❌  
Staff Well-Being Measures ✔️ 

*The following topics on these instruments do not have benchmarks available: Learning Recovery and Readiness for Learning

**The following topics on the Teacher Skills and Perceptions of SEL instrument do not have benchmarks available: Belonging, Cultural Awareness and Action (Student Focus), Cultural Awareness and Action (Adult Focus), Professional Learning About Equity, and Well-being

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