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What does "confidentiality protected" mean?

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By default, Panorama will not show the responses of a demographic group that contains fewer than 5 individuals. For smaller or larger schools or districts, this number may vary, but its purpose is to protect the confidentiality of the students, staff, and family members who are responding to your survey, so they can continue to share authentically. 

This means that you may see a demographic group titled "Confidentiality protected" that contains the responses of individuals in a small group, combined with the next smallest demographic group. If there are demographic groups you expect to see but don't, that means they are included in the "Confidentiality protected" group.

In the example above, imagine that four students who identify as multiracial responded to the survey. Their responses would not show in their own row, but would be a part of the "Confidentiality protected" row, along with the next smallest demographic group, even though the larger group contains more than 5 responses. 

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