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What professional development options does Panorama offer?

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Data is only as valuable as it is actionable, and because we know that understanding a tool is an essential part of folding it into your daily routine, Panorama provides many options for training educators on how to use our platforms, analyze data, and action plan. Below you'll find a list of our professional development options available from our Teaching and Learning team. They range from a variety of prices (including free!) and time commitments, because we know that what works for one educator or district does not work for everyone. If you have specific questions about the offerings, please reach out to your Panorama contact or support@panoramaed.com to learn more!

The following professional development options are designed to support the introduction of Panorama to educators and key stakeholders who will use data to support students. Whether it’s generating understanding and investment in Panorama’s research-backed survey instruments or building data literacy skills, these resources can help set the stage for a successful implementation of data-driven practice with Panorama. 

Professional Learning Workshops

Panorama offers a large menu of paid professional development sessions for our partners. This is the best way to get a professional learning session for your staff, led by one of Panorama's experienced facilitators. While we work together to plan your session, you'll have the opportunity to decide the audience of your session, as well as the focus of the training.  

These interactive group learning experiences are intended to help you and your team build the investment, knowledge, and skills that will support you in using Panorama's tools long-term as you continue to support students. Sessions are designed around data inquiry, product functionality, and taking action, and focus on any of Panorama's products.

Speak to your Panorama contact to learn more about the professional learning options that are best for your needs.

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Strategic Advising

Panorama’s team of advisors supports school and district leadership teams in driving sustained change and improvement through executive data briefings, coaching and consultations, and system advising. These sessions are customized to your specific needs and can be tailored to the topics and audiences that matter most to you.

Speak to your Panorama contact to learn more about the strategic advising options that are best for your needs.

On-Demand Learning

To support all of the educators using Panorama, our team has developed resources that you can access at any point in your Panorama journey. These asynchronous learning options can be helpful for educators who weren't able to access specific trainings sessions or just want a refresher on the basics of using Panorama. These resources cover a varsity of topics, from how to use Panorama's products to taking action on your data. All of these resources can be accessed on Panorama Academy in a variety of formats, including:

The Panorama Community

The Panorama Community is here to support you with free, virtual learning opportunities led by members of our Teaching & Learning team.

Community Workshops are virtual, interactive sessions designed to support you in using Panorama's tools. We hold multiple sessions a week and invite a variety of our partners to join - this allows you to learn from each other while you learn more about best practices from Panorama. 

We hold sessions weekly about setting up your surveys, reviewing and analyzing your survey reports, and getting started with Student Success.

Visit our main Community Workshops page to learn more about each of these sessions.



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