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What do I need to know about preparing my roster file?

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We know that gathering data about your students, staff, and families isn’t always easy, so we want to make this process as streamlined as possible.
In the "Get Started with Panorama Surveys" section of the Panorama Academy, we will walk you through how to upload a roster file. Below, you will see some guidance around what to expect as you prepare your roster files.

What is a Roster File?

Your roster file is an Excel (CSV or XSLX) spreadsheet that tells the platform who will be taking your surveys. For example, student surveys require a roster file that lists each student who will be taking the survey. This allows us to ensure that everyone receives a survey for their correct school, district, or teacher, whichever is the subject of the survey. 

Our survey taking process is confidential, so while do use respondent information to create surveys and link responses to different demographic groups in your reports, but we do not show individual responses. One exception is for Student SEL Competency surveys, for which we do provide student-level reports.

What Does the Roster File Template Need to Include?

To ensure that your roster file is automatically understood by our system, we recommend that you to download the appropriate roster file template and use that to format your data. If you are not the one who will upload the final file, please download the correct template and send it to your district or school's data team, who can provide you with the correct data to upload.

You'll also find these files in the platform:

Email us at support@panoramaed.com if you have any other questions about the roster file process.

Note: Educators with Admin access now have ability to opt out and opt in students from a survey administration. Learn more about this functionality in Panorama Academy.

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