What is Panorama's Get to Know You Survey?

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Panorama's Get to Know You Survey enables educators and students to connect over things they have in common.

This survey is intended to support you in creating connections with your students at the beginning of the school year. To get started, create your free account and take a quick survey about your interests. Students will use your unique link to answer the same questions, and when they submit the survey, they will see what you have in common. The results are not stored in your Panorama platform, meaning it is available to any educator who wants to make a free account.

The survey is based on research conducted by Dr. Hunter Gehlbach and his colleagues at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  “Changes in Teacher-Student Relationships” describes not only how important these relationships are but how they can change over time—all the more reason to get your teacher-student relationships off to a great start by getting to know your students this school year. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the survey, and visit https://backtoschool.panoramaed.com/ to get started!

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