What is Panorama Behavior Logging & Analytics?

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Your school or district can leverage Panorama Behavior Logging & Analytics to strengthen educator efficacy of postive school climate practices and leverage insights to guide system-wide behavior supports.

Panorama Behavior Logging & Analytics supports district leaders and school level educators in fostering behavior to improve school climate and equitable learning experiences for every student. Educators can work to log and manage major and minor behavior incidents, and analyze behavior data to make impactful and data-informed decisions.

Components of Behavior Logging & Analytics

  • Behavior Logging: This tool allows teachers and staff to report on behavior events—anytime, anywhere. Log major and minor incidents in Panorama with simple workflows to enter the who, what, where, and when of behavior events. As a district or school leader, you can see meaningful trends and information about student behavior.

  • Behavior Analytics: Leverage Panorama’s powerful visualizations to see all your behavior data in one place. District and school dashboards show major and minor incident rates and if applicable, also the data from the teacher app which shows positive behavior supports in your districts, schools, and classrooms. Teacher dashboards show important behavior data for students on their rosters. 

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Behavior Logging & Analytics

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