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Behavior Boost Resource Guide

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The Behavior Boost Resource Guide provides educators with content on evidence-based classroom management practices, collaborative activities to plan for or practice implementing the suggested practices, and goal setting opportunities to prepare and reflect on using the suggested practices within their classrooms. It provides resources, supports, and ongoing guidance for teachers focused on how to integrate Behavior Boost into their daily classroom practices and how to adapt their use of the tool to address students’ unique behavioral needs.

This resource guide is intended to supplement educators' use of the Behavior Boost product. The guide includes reflection questions, opportunities for teachers to share tips and strategies, brief and targeted learning opportunities, and resources related to data-based decision-making. The guide is organized into two parts, with nine sessions total:

  • Part 1 (sessions 1-5) of the guide provides content to support teachers in building a solid foundation for a positive classroom environment. 
  • Part 2 (sessions 6-10) of the guide provides content to help educators make evidence-based practices an embedded part of their practice.  

We recommend grade-level teams engage with this content and related resources on a regular basis (e.g., once a month, every 2-3 weeks) during their grade-level team meetings. Each session within the resource guide should take approximately 20-30 minutes to work through. The resource guide can be worked through collaboratively as a grade-level team with the option of having a behavior-support staff member facilitating the sessions. 

This content will help teachers grow in their understanding of evidence-based positive behavior practices and use that knowledge to drive impact with the Behavior Boost app in their classrooms. In addition to learning content, this guide will include meeting agendas and discussion questions that help school teams guide teachers through cycles of data-based reflection and decision-making using the Behavior Boost app. 

Part 1: Building the Foundation for a Positive Classroom Climate

In order to boost behavior in your classroom and use the Behavior Boost app, be sure to build the foundation necessary for your practice. Use the worksheets below to help you reflect on the strategies you already use to build the foundation for a positive climate in your classroom, and determine additional strategies you can incorporate.
Session 1: Guide to Building a Positive and Predictable Learning Environment

Session 2: Guide to Establishing & Teaching Class-wide Behavior Expectations


Session 3: Guide to Building Positive Relationships with Students



Session 4: Guide to Promoting Positive Student Behavior

Session 5: Providing Students with Opportunities to Respond and Frequent Feedback to Support Engagement

Part 2: Building the Foundation for a Positive Classroom Climate

An important component of boosting behavior in your classroom using the Behavior Boot app is embedding evidence-based practices in your teaching. Use the worksheets below to help you use reflection, data, and goal-setting to continue to improve your practice.

Session 6: Setting Ambitious & Attainable Goals

Session 7: Monitoring Progress

Session 8: Making Data-based Decisions

Session 9: Making Evidence-based Practices a Habit

Session 10: Conclusion & Incorporating Positive Behavior Practices


Full Behavior Boost Resource Guide (Part 1 & Part 2)

The complete Behavior Boost Resource Guide contains all of the content above, including all sessions in both Parts 1 and 2.

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