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Positive Behavior Major Incidents Export

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Panorama for Positive Behavior provides nightly automated exports that send Major Incident records logged in Panorama each day to an SFTP folder. Districts can access the SFTP folder, and then import those files into the district’s Student Information System (SIS) to comply with state and federal reporting requirements.


Important Note: Major Incident records will only be imported into the district’s SIS upon action from the district to pull down the CSV file from the SFTP and import those records into the SIS, by following the import process relevant to the district’s SIS.

What Panorama Exports

Panorama’s Major Incident record exports include the following fields per incident:

  • School ID
  • Student Name
  • Student ID
  • Role 
  • Victim Notes
  • Reporter Name
  • Incident Reviewer Name 
  • Incident Recorded Datetime 
  • Incident Location
  • Incident Severity
  • Incident Type(s)
  • Code(s)
  • Incident Antecedent 
  • Incident Consequence 
  • Perceived Motivation
  • Seclusion Restraint Used
  • Injured in Incident
  • IEP Status at Incident
  • Outcome
  • Notes

How a Major Incident records export works

Each night at 3AM ET, Panorama automatically posts all Major Incident reports (records) in a CSV file to the district’s SFTP folder, which is provided and hosted by Panorama.

To clearly distinguish these exported incident files from data the district sends from their SIS, these records are posted to a “Positive Behavior Incident Exports” folder, within the SFTP.

Each nightly export gets all incident reports that have not been exported previously. This is a failsafe feature; if an export fails to run, the next attempt picks up any incident reports that were missed.

What a district must do with Major Incident report exports

  1. Assign an Owner: districts must determine specific users they want to access the SFTP, and those users will pull down the CSV file in the “Positive Behavior Incident Exports” folder, within the SFTP. (Typically Data Coordinators or IT personnel are preferred.)
  2. Create a Set Process: districts must determine and create their own process for pulling the files from Panorama’s SFTP and importing them into their SIS, following whatever batch import process their SIS offers. 

What a district should consider regarding Major Incident Exports

  • How frequently they want to import this data into their SIS (Panorama sends it nightly, but districts can import it at whatever frequency they want.)
  • If possible, districts may look for opportunities to automate the import process on their end; though most will likely need to upload records in batches at a desired cadence.

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