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Creating a Praise Goal in Behavior Boost

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Educators can set goals in Panorama for Positive Behavior to increase behavior-specific praise for specific student(s) and specific positive behaviors. These goals, as well as accompanying praise sessions, can also be deleted.

For video instructions with audio, watch the “Creating a Praise Goal” video below:


How to create a goal

To set goals within Panorama for Positive Behavior, log in to Behavior Boost. Then, complete a brief survey to share more about your use of positive behavior practices, behavior-specific praise in particular, and the challenges you’re facing with student behavior in your classroom. Specify the time period(s), student(s), and positive behavior(s) to focus on for your goal.

Based on your responses to the 5-question survey, Behavior Boost recommends a goal. Specifically, it recommends how many behavior-specific praises to strive to give for each student per day (e.g. 5 praises per student per day). Once finished with this workflow, you have created your first goal!

A goal can last several days (we typically recommend at least 1 school week), and can be ended at any time to create a new goal. When creating a new goal, Boost will recommend an amount of daily praise based on how you did on your prior goal. You can choose to use the recommendation or set your own goal.

Note: Once created, Praise Goals cannot be edited. To learn how to delete a praise goal, check out this article.


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