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Cutover Dates for Behavior Logging

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The Cutover Date is the predetermined date that staff members should start using Panorama Behavior Logging to log behavior incidents. Prior to this date, behavior data is pulled from your Student Information System into Panorama. Think of the cutover date as when the “switch” happens for how your district/school logs behavior incidents. On the cutover date, staff members should start using Panorama to log behavior incidents. This is critical to avoid incorrect behavior data, double-entry, etc. 


The following 3 things happen on the cutover date:

  • Specified school(s) or full district stop recording incidents in the Student Information System, and all staff now only record in Panorama
  • Panorama turns off the inbound Behavior Data Stream(s) for specified school(s)
  • Panorama turns on Major Incident Exports to SFTP folder for specific school(s)

Here's a quick email template we hope will be helpful in informing educators about your school/district's Cutover Date for Behavior Logging.

Major Incident records will only be imported into the district’s SIS upon action from the district to pull down the CSV file from the SFTP and import those records into the SIS, by following the import process relevant to the district’s SIS.


To learn more about accessing the nightly exports of Major Incident records logged in Panorama, check out Positive Behavior Major Incidents Export.  

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