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Progress Monitoring Guide for Assessments

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To show evidence of student progress, progress monitoring assessments can be given repeatedly to a student over the course of a given timeframe.

These assessments are used to answer two main questions:

  • How is a student responding to changes?
  • Is our plan/intervention working?

Progress monitoring assessments can be administered 1-2x per week and tests a student on a specific standard or subject area. 

Progress Monitoring Assessments Displayed

These assessments are displayed at the Assessments section on the Academics portion of the student profile. Progress Monitoring graphs extend for the entire duration of the academic year.

Progress Monitoring graphs include multiple elements:

  • Baseline and Target values are pulled automatically from the integrated progress monitoring data. For example, in the image below FastBridge data comes to us with a baseline and target that are configured by educators in the FastBridge platform. The baseline is dated to the first available progress monitoring score in our platform and the target is set to May 31st to simulate the end of the school year.


  • An Intervention flag appears on the start date of any intervention using the given assessment as the intervention's monitoring method. In the image below, Terrence was given three interventions monitored using Early Reading Decodable Real Worlds over the course of the 2018-2019 school year. No interventions were created using Early Reading Letter Sounds.

  • A trend line appears on the graph once there are at least 6 data points available for the given assessment. Trend lines are computed using ordinary least squares regression


Linking Progress Monitoring to an Intervention Plan

Progress monitoring can be linked to an Intervention Plan to automatically populate data points within the intervention plan and avoid data re-entry. See the following steps to link progress monitoring:

1. Create an intervention plan and select the appropriate intervention type and intervention strategy.Then, in the intervention goal, write in the skills or strategy to improve the students progress. The intervention type will pull the list of available progress monitoring methods available for automatic integrations. Click Continue when all required items are filled. 

2. In the progress monitoring page, select the appropriate monitoring method and frequency.

This list is generated based on the list of progress monitoring administered within the entire school or district. If you cannot locate their monitoring method, that means we do not have any records of students that have taken that specific monitoring method. 

3. If applicable, insert a baseline and target to populate the aim line.

Some assessments have automated baseline and targets. Goals are automated if it’s already included in the file. For a complete list of goal automation, please see below.

4. Click Create Intervention and view the intervention plan in the student profile page. 

If there is data in the intervention plan, that means that the automated integration is working! Once the student completes a progress monitoring assessment at least 6 times, a trend line will appear along. You can insert this intervention plan before the progress monitoring assessment is administered if you want to pre-populate this intervention.


Supported Progress Monitoring Vendors

Currently, Panorama supports automated integrations with instructions for the following vendors. Click through the following tabs to learn more about each vendor:

  • Goals: Not Automated

    Instructions for Integration: Aimsweb+ progress monitoring is updated automatically based on the integration tool. If the data appears missing, you may need to contact your Aimsweb+ account manager to include that data in the SFTP.
  • Goals: Not Automated

    Instructions for Integration: Within the DIBELS integration tools, select “Export DIBELS 8th Edition Progress Monitoring” and/or “Export DIBELS Next Progress Monitoring” to export nightly via Direct Access.
  • Goals: Automated

    Instructions for Integration: Within the Fastbridge integration tools, select the appropriate “Progress Monitoring” selections to export nightly via SFTP.
  • Goals: Not Automated

    Instructions: In your Renaissance Data System Access (DSA) setup page, check “All CBM Math Data” and “All CBM Reading Data” to export nightly to Renaissance’s SFTP server that Panorama will export.

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