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What is beta? How do I access it?

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Panorama is piloting beta releases for the New Generation SEL Reporting with a set of clients throughout the 22-23 SY. This pilot helps to ensure we are gathering feedback and meeting user needs throughout the build process.

Note: If you want to participate in the beta pilot and don’t currently have access, please reach out to your Panorama project team.

Beta Experience

If beta mode is enabled for you, you will receive a series of prompts guiding you to enter the Next Generation SEL Reporting beta.

If you have access to the beta experience, you will see a notification when you log in that will prompt you to enter the beta experience (Figure 1.). 

If the prompts are not showing up for you, please make sure any pop-up blocker you have enabled is turned off. If you are still encountering issues, please reach out to Panorama.

(Figure 1.)

Even after closing the beta notification,  a banner will remain at the top of the page so eligible beta users can still enter the beta at any point while engaging with SEL reports.

Once a user has turned on beta mode using the toggle the banner will update showing the user they are currently in a beta view (Figure 2.). We will also display a beta pill on the page to ensure users can distinguish that they are in a beta (Figure 3.).

(Figure 2.)

(Figure 3.)

If a user is entering beta from Rainbow rather than Success, they will see the following banner. Upon clicking “Try new view” they will be directed to Success (Figure 4.)

(Figure 4.)

Submitting Feedback

Beta users are encouraged to submit feedback on the beta by clicking “Submit feedback” in the banner and a feedback modal will appear (Figure 5.).

(Figure 5.)

Beta user feedback is an integral way for our team to learn from these light beta releases and iterate on the experience (Figure 6.)

(Figure 6.)

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