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What is Next Generation SEL Reporting?

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Panorama’s SEL measures and reporting experience is known and trusted by our partners across the country. Panorama is excited to further enhance our products to deliver value to school communities and drive student outcomes with Next Generation SEL Reporting. Next Generation SEL Reporting will build on the SEL reporting that clients know and love to bring clients invaluable enhancements to their Panorama reports to support deeper data analysis and action taking.

This initiative is the exciting first step of migrating Panorama aggregate reporting from Rainbow to our Success platform. We will begin this process by migrating district and school aggregate reports for a select number of SEL pilot clients throughout the 2022-23 SY.

Next Generation SEL Reporting is a new reporting experience in Success that is specifically tailored to the SEL use case. In addition to receiving the current reporting experience, pilot clients will receive a set of new beta releases that display their data in Success. 

If you are interested in participating in this pilot, please reach out to your Panorama project team. Pilot participants will receive early access to new reporting features and have the opportunity to provide feedback to help shape the future of Panorama SEL reporting.

Want to learn more? Check out this Panorama Academy Resource: What is beta? How do I access it?

View Future Release Notes here: Next Generation SEL Reporting Feature Releases

There are three hallmarks to Next Generation SEL Reporting: 

  1. Normed scoring: Grade normed scoring allows users to gain a quick understanding of where a student’s response lies relative to those in Panorama’s National Dataset (2M+ survey responses). 

  2. Unified reporting: Unified reporting provides clients with an end-to-end intuitive and unified reporting experience of their SEL data from aggregate level reporting to individual student results all in one place. Under the hood, this unifies reporting on the Success product. 

  3. Enhanced reporting features: Enhanced reporting feature will unlock additional new features for SEL clients, including the ability to filter data by multiple demographics. These are features that exist in Success already, but not for SEL in Success. Additional features will be discovered and added throughout the year.

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