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Creating Your SEL Surveys

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This article only applies to you if you have access to Panorama's survey creation tools.If you see an Admin button on the top right-hand corner of your screen, then this article is for you! If not, please contact your Panorama team with any questions.

Panorama's survey creation tools are designed to support you in creating your survey project, selecting your content, and quality checking your roster file (Figure 1.). 


(Figure 1.)


Now that you are ready to create your surveys, below are some items to consider for each step of the process:

  • Creating a survey project, which should contain all the surveys running in a given time period! This will help you and your team navigate your results more efficiently. 

  • Deciding whether to creating new content, reuse past survey content (recommended), or make edits to Panorama's survey content. You will be able to select your survey topics in the Content tool based on your school or district’s goals for your survey program.

    • If you have previously created survey content, you can select it from the "Choose existing content" dropdown list. This is a great way to replicate past surveys.

    • In the Content tool you can create custom content, make adjustments to Panorama content, and easily add or remove custom questions to your survey templates.

    • If you are not sure what topics to measure? Choosing Panorama Topics- This is a printable resource to help when selecting scales from Panorama’s content.

  • Considering if translations will be needed in order to support all members of your community.

  • Providing the platform with all of the essential information about who will be taking the surveys.  Your roster file is an Excel or CSV spreadsheet that include your respondents identifiers and any demographics or additional information that may provide more insight in your reports.


What’s Next?

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