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Major Behavior Incident Notifications

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Positive Behavior users with "Review Incident Records" permission will automatically receive email notifications about newly created major incident drafts and for major incidents submitted for review. This article explains who receives the notifications, details the two different types of notifications, and provides instructions for adjusting user settings to opt out of either or both of these types of email notifications.

Incident notifications are currently only available for major behavior incidents and are sent only by email.

Who gets notifications?

Major behavior incident notifications are permission based, so anyone who has permission to “Review Incident Records” will automatically receive major behavior incident emails and can modify their preferences. Incident notification preferences will not appear for anyone without "Review Incident Records" permissions, and nor will those users receive any emails about behavior incidents.

Types of Notifications

Select the drop-down arrows below to learn about the types of Major Behavior Incident Notifications.

  • Major Behavior Incident Draft emails are sent for newly created drafts for Major Behavior Incidents (Figure 1.).

    Major Behavior Incident Draft Notification emails contains the following information:
      • Incident Behavior(s)
      • Incident Location
      • Incident Reporter
      • A link to view a list of all incidents, with the draft found at the top of the list.


    (Figure 1.)
  • When Major Behavior Incidents are submitted for review, users with “Review Incident Record” permissions will receive a notification email (Figure 2.).

    Major Behavior Incident Submitted for Review Notification emails contain the following information:
      • Incident Behavior(s)
      • Incident Location
      • Incident Reporter
      • A link going directly to the incident review/edit page for the given incident


    (Figure 2.)

Notification Settings

Notification preferences can be adjusted by visiting “Account Settings” then selecting “Notification Preferences.” Next, select “Positive Behavior” and check or uncheck the box next to the notification type (Figure 3.).

Note: The Major Behavior Incident Notification emails will be turned on by default.


(Figure 3.)

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