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2023 Feature Release Notes

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This page contains a digest of our feature releases and product updates made in 2023. Click or scroll to a specific month for a quick overview of changes or updates to our products.

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 January 3: Navigate from Intervention Summary to Intervention Plans

January 11: Log student role, victim, injury, IEP for Major Behavior Incidents

  • When logging Major Behavior Incidents, educators can now specify the role of each student in the incident (offender, victim, both), and mark if the student had an injury or Individualized Education Plan (IEP) at the time of the incident.  Learn more about Behavior Logging.

 January 13: Daily option for monitoring frequency in Intervention Plans

  • a “daily” option has been added as a new monitoring frequency for intervention plan visualizations in the student profile. Once selected, Educators will be prompted in-platform on a daily basis to update the intervention plan, and emailed weekly if any of their daily plans were not updated within the past week. Learn more about Updating and Managing your Interventions 

January 17: Updates to Student Opt Out Feature

  • Educators can now download a list of students who have been opted out of a survey administration and students who have been opted out will receive the following message “You have been opted out of this survey by your parent or guardian. There is no survey you can take right now.” Learn more about Opt Outs for Student Surveys.

January 19: Edit Support Note Dates

  • Educators can now edit the date of a support note. This is especially useful for those who want to log an action they took the previous day or earlier in the week. Learn more about using support notes.

January 31: Bulk Printing Interventions

  • With Intervention Plan Bulk Printing, educators can print intervention plans for multiple students at once, making it easier to share intervention plans internally or with families. Learn more about printing interventions.

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