What is Panorama Student Success?

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Panorama Student Success is a dynamic platform that gives educators immediate access to the data that is most important for them to support students. Panorama syncs with your SIS and other data systems to send nightly updates of grades, attendance, assessments, SEL, and behavior data. With this data, the platform calculates “On Track” and “At Risk” indicators for each student automatically so that you can support students with relevant and timely information. Schools and districts can view dashboards to see school-wide trends across different subject areas or demographic groups to make sure that students are having an equitable experience at school.

Student Success...

  • Gives a complete picture of each student's academics, attendance, behavior, and social-emotional learning (SEL) progress in school every day.
  • Allows educators to create, update, and progress monitor interventions to ensure students are growing
  • Serves as an Early Warning System and MTSS and Intervention tracker for districts
  • Helps districts measure Social Emotional Learning through research-backed surveys, and displays that data alongside other indicators to give a full picture of the whole child.

Student Success

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