Join a Community Workshop

Panorama offers a variety of Community Workshops that help you get started or continue in our partnership together. These are live, virtual trainings led by members of our Teaching & Learning team. Below you can register for sessions happening in the next few months. New dates are added regularly, so check back for more!

Panorama 101: Onboarding

These sessions focus on the basics of using Panorama's platform to gather and analyze data. If you are in your first year of working with Panorama, we recommend that you attend these sessions to learn how to navigate the platform and get the most out of your partnership with Panorama.

Survey Set-Up 101

We recommend attending this session if you are setting up your first survey with Panorama's tools, or if you would like a refresher on the steps you need to take to get started. We'll cover survey content and roster files.

Weekly, 30 minutes

Understanding Your Survey Reports

We recommend attending this session if you are preparing to review survey results, or if you would like a refresher on how to navigate and interpret your reports. We'll cover district and school-level reports.

Biweekly, 30 minutes

Getting Started with Student Success

We recommend attending this session if you are in your first year of using Student Success, or want a refresher on the platform's main features. We'll cover dashboards, student groups, and interventions.

Biweekly, 45 minutes

Or watch our virtual tutorial on Getting Started with Panorama Surveys!

Or watch our video on Understanding Your Panorama Reports!

Or review our resources on Getting Started with Student Success.

If you want the feeling of attending a live session on your own schedule, we recommend exploring our recorded sessions.

How to Coordinate Your 

Survey Administration

Join this session if you are partnering with Panorama to champion the survey administration process at your school! You'll learn what to expect before, during, and after the survey window.

Survey coordinators play an important role in sharing resources with educators and families and managing communications, ensuring everyone is able to take surveys, especially when many students are learning in a distance or hybrid classroom environment. 

Monthly, 30 - 45 minutes (including Q&A)

New @ Panorama

Join this session to learn what is new in the Panorama Platform! We'll do a quick overview of the changes since our last session and then deep dive into a specific feature to ensure you are able to utilize it as you continue to support students.

February's Deep Dive: Check-Ins!

Quarterly, 45 minutes

Office Hours

Have a question that doesn't quite fit into any of the above topics? Schedule 15-minutes with a member of our Teaching and Learning team - we'll be available to answer your questions about how to get the most of Panorama's products and how to implement them alongside existing systems.

Or watch our virtual survey coordinator training video in the Survey Coordinator Toolkit! Or you can watch one of our previous live sessions here.

You can review recent feature releases at any time here.

Panorama Learning Community

The Panorama Learning Community (PLC) is a collective learning space for leaders, educators, and school community members as they seek to holistically and collaboratively support the diverse needs of every student in their school community.

These learning experiences prioritize the professional development of leaders, educators, and counseling staff, while centering connection and racial justice in all our programming. Whether you partner with Panorama or are simply focused on how to support every student in your school/district community, we recommend that you attend these sessions!

Our PLC Mission: Create authentic, joyful, and timely community programming and resources that are rooted in data (e.g., student and community voice) and racial justice (e.g., dismantle systems of oppression and cultures of white supremacy) for leaders across the globe.

Student Success Orientation

Join other leaders as our PLC supports you in learning how to roll out and embed Student Success in your community.

This orientation might be helpful for you if...
  • You are new to the Panorama family and using Student Success
  • You are one of the district or school leaders responsible for rolling out Student Success or developing tiered systems of support in your community
  • You support the professional development of your school leaders, educators, and/or adults in counseling roles
  • You would like to learn from and connect with other leaders using Student Success 
During this session you will...
  • Start a community action plan to help you successfully roll out Student Success
  • Build a PLC of other leaders who deeply care about effective and equitable ways to support every student, especially historically marginalized students
  • Access key rollout resources to streamline educator capacity building and community buy-in

Playbook Power Hour

Join other educators to practice using Panorama's Playbook to act on data and support student and adult social-emotional learning across a variety of topics and situations.

Please come ready to engage! We'll spend half an hour together and then encourage you to spend 30 more minutes on your own finding and practicing new strategies. 

Biweekly, 30 minutes

Explore our previous session resources or recording here.

If you are not able to attend a live session or want to explore some of our previous sessions, explore our recordings here.

Interested in a more in-depth training for your school or district?

Panorama also offers personalized on-site and virtual trainings on a wide variety of subjects. Check out this document to learn more about our offerings, or reach out to your Panorama contact with questions!

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